Who are we

WIP-Tech is a company focused on security

We are a family run business using our expertise in wireless electronics and our own experience as homeowners and South Africans living in the current climate to identify, source, test and deploy solutions that protect our customers, their assets and their families.

Our primary products, VoiceGuard are early intruder warning systems which work alongside any pre-existing security device(s) that might already be in place in your home. Our system provides both independent as well as additional, integrated coverage throughout your property and is deployed in both the internal and external environment.

The Company


Our expertise stems from 14 successful years of business in the security sector, where we have launched, exclusively distributed and sold US-designed VoiceGuard products across all of Africa.

After much success with our original product line, being conscious of the continued advances in electronic technology and the evolving needs of our customers, we have undertaken a 2-year research and development effort to upgrade our system.

Working with world-class engineers in Cambridge, UK, we have designed a new base unit, which we will also manufacture in the UK to the highest standards. What we have created is a new security system which merges the best of the old product as well as exciting new features in order to deliver a more modern and innovative solution to our longstanding and new customers. Both the old and the new systems are compatible and interchangeable.

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What We Offer


Home Solutions

VoiceGuard is a unique technology. It “keeps you safe when you’re home.” It is simple to use, easy to live with and absolutely effective and neutralising robbers.

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Business Solutions

VoiceGuard will surprise you with the ease and low-cost of installation. Let us show how we can maximize your security at a fraction of the wired cost.

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wireless intruder peripherals
Early Warning Systems

You’ll never get ambushed

The VoiceGuard system, consists of a base unit and wireless, pet friendly, weatherproof sensors. The product is a multi-functional portable voice play spot alarm with doorbell. The VG Portable Voice Play Alarm System has 3 Voice Zones, the 4th zone is an alarm zone and the doorbell zone can be used with any of our products as a door bell or an extra 5th zone. This is a DIY system. This system will work with any wireless 433mHz signal system. You can record your own messages onto zone 1 – 3 and the 4th zone is an alarm zone. You can use the 4 zones as just an alarm or you can use the voice zones. You can program more than 1 Indoor sensor, Outdoor sensor and door / window contact per zone. The doorbell zone can accommodate 10 doorbell triggers, with different tunes. The Base Unit has a magnetic backing which means you can put it on your fridge or any other surface area that is metal. The unit is portable. We are also offering 2 units which will double your zone capability, please see product list.

Our Products

We're A Class Of Our Own

Wireless never been THIS Wireless Before!

Most wireless systems you’ll encounter are simply power-hungry wired systems that have a radio transmitter added to them; and then either require wired power or batteries. Our products are designed from scratch to be fully and truly wireless; from our solar powered detectors to our fully supervising base units; bottom line – we’re in a class of our own.

Modular Freedom

Our modular approach to product solutions allows you to fully customize a security solution that is ideal for your needs, at a moment in time; then, as your needs and budget change, being wireless you can simply add or reconfigure additional components to meet your new needs.

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